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General Terms and Conditions

Safe and Sound Outdoors/Whitewater Active (The Company) are committed to the provision of the highest possible level of customer service.

We recommend that you read the following terms and conditions which form the basis of our contract between us, The company and you, the purchaser.

We are always available on 01978 860471, if you have any queries.

Activity and Accommodation Bookings:

A deposit of 25% per person for all activities and accommodation will be taken at the time of booking. This deposit is Non-refundable in the event you wish to cancel the booking. Please ensure that you have adequate insurance to cover the cost of your booking in full. Insurance for UK based holidays and activities may be purchased at a number of on-line sites.

Voucher Validity:

Our Gift Vouchers are valid for a period of twelve months from date of purchase. If you cannot redeem the voucher within this period then, at our sole discretion, the voucher may be extended for an agreed period. In this event an administration fee of £12.50 per voucher will apply. No gift vouchers will be issued until payment has been received in full.

Activity Timings:

All timings contained within this web site or in our printed marketing material are given as a guide only. These timings may vary and you should contact us on 01978 860471 to confirm them in advance if necessary for your own planning purposes.

Health Restrictions:

For the purposes of your safety it is your responsibility to inform us before undertaking any event of any relevant medical concern that may make it inadvisable for you to undertake any activities with us.


We reserve the right to alter our prices at any time and without prior notice.


All discounts are at the management’s discretion and we reserve the right to change or remove special offers without prior notice. All requirements must be met in full before customers qualify for any discounted rates. Requirements include but are not limited to: correct discount codes being quoted, proof of age (Family discount), or minimum group sizes, where applicable.

Cancellation Policy:

A 25% deposit will be taken at the time of booking and this is per person and is non-refundable. All bookings must be finalised 4 weeks before activity date.

For ticket purchases after 1st January 2021 The COVID19 situation is complex and constantly evolving and the following guidance is provided should you or a member of your party find you/them in the position of being unable to attend the booked event due to COVID19:
If you/they are displaying symptoms of COVID19, the current advice is to be tested as soon as possible and the following will apply based on your/their results:
1. A positive test result – if you/they test positive for COVID19 and can evidence this, your/their refund will be paid. Your/their required selfisolation period would need to cover the event date.
2. A negative test result – if you/they test negative for COVID19, our normal terms & conditions will apply and you/they will need to provide documentary evidence which confirms your/their inability to attend the event, in order for a refund claim to be considered.
3. Test & Trace and required self-isolation – if a member of your/their household or immediate family tests positive and you/they are required to self-isolate as a result and can evidence this, a refund claim will be considered under the normal terms and conditions.
Unfortunately, we are unable to administer refunds where you choose not to attend an event because you are concerned about catching coronavirus.
We are unable to administer refunds if you cannot provide suitable documentary evidence. We will only refund the person/persons affected by covid not the entire group. If the booked event is cancelled by us, please contact the office on 01978 860763 for confirmation regarding obtaining a refund or rescheduling of the event.
If you require further guidance, please contact us with details of your booking and current situation and a member of the team will contact you within five business days. ##For bookings booked prior to 1st January 2021 and general terms.
Changes to your booking
All bookings must be finalised 4 weeks before the activity date. After this we will not be able to allow any changes to bookings number or session times.
Client non-attendance
Please plan your journey to arrive at your activity location/meeting point at the agreed time in your confirmation. We work to a strict time schedule and late arrivals will result in your session being cancelled. We cannot be held responsible for your inability to attend and no refunds will be issued. We strongly advise you to take out a travel insurance policy which covers activities of this sort in case you lose money as a result of such an occurrence.
Client unable to take part
If the client cannot take part in any activity due to either physical impairment (including but not limited to injury or illness) we will be unable to offer a refund. If you are aware of any reason why you may not be able to take part please give us advance warning in order that we may advise an appropriate course of action. If you’re suffering from any illness or injury at the time of booking we advise you not to confirm your booking until you have been given the all-clear by your doctor. If you are refused an activity due to being under the influence (or appearing to be under the influence) of drugs or alcohol, no refund will be issued.
Weather conditions
By their nature some of our activities are subject to weather conditions. The weather is unfortunately outside of our control. On the rare occasions where conditions make it impossible for us to provide the activities within our strict safety guidelines we may need to cancel them. If we have to cancel for reasons outside of our control, we will tell you as soon as possible and will offer you either an alternative activity or reschedule your activity. The company is unable to reimburse travel, accommodation or other incidental expenses incurred by you in attending an activity which is cancelled for any reason.
We reserve the right to reschedule or relocate any activity if we feel it would be in the interests of our client’s safety.
Should the management decide that any situation qualifies for a full or partial refund (or provision of goods or services in lieu of an activity) this will be on an individual basis. Groups must be aware that any members of the group able to attend and take part in an activity should do so. Deciding not to take part will not qualify for a refund under any circumstances. The company is unable to reimburse travel, accommodation or other incidental expenses incurred by you in attending an activity which is cancelled for any reason.


These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer and are governed in accordance with English law. The purchaser and The company agree that any proceedings are under the jurisdiction of the English courts. All of the clauses and sub clauses of our terms and conditions are independent of one another. If one clause is invalid or unenforceable then this will not affect any other clause or sub clause.